What we do

We are digital enthusiasts with passion for beautiful code and excellent user experience. With our deep understanding of business stategy and -processes we create sustainable products that fit user needs and business requirements.

UX Conception

To create the best possible experience for our users we focus on discovering their needs and requirements. While we start working on solutions iteratively we change our perspectives from time to time to get to the bottom of the "what" and "why".

User Interface Design

The user interface is the direct visual representation of your digital product the user interacts with. To provide the best possible experience a good usability is absolutely essential. We also see aesthetics as an major emotional factor for the success of a digital product or service. That's why we are passionate about typography and the visual design too.


We design and build sustainable e-commerce experiences, for the customer and the seller as well. Ruby and the lovely open source Solidus shop system are the technologies of our choice. With this we build highly flexible, scalable and customizable online shops and payment integrations.

We design and build sustainable e-commerce experiences for customers and sellers. We use Ruby, and the highly matured Solidus shop system to give you a highly flexibile,scalable and customizable online shop, with a wide variety of payment integrations.

Publisher Solutions

KIOSK 4.0 is an innovative e-commerce solution we've created for publishers who want to capture the digital market. With this platform we provide features like subscription management, mobile app integration, paywalls and a user friendly CMS. Are you interested?If you'd like to find out more, don't hesitate to contact us at kiosk@bitspire.de or just visit our product website.

System Integration

We integrate different external services into existing systems and also develop our own APIs. We build upon established standards to ensure long-term compatibility, safety and flexibility.

Corporate Websites

We provide an intuitive CMS that enables you to manage your content, structure and user accounts easily.
We make your brand fit for the web. By respecting your identity we adapt and extend your corporate design to make it work in the digital world. You still don't have a corporate design yet? No problem. We look forward to creating it together with you.

CMS Development

We actively maintaining and enhancing the Ruby on Rails based open source content management system AlchemyCMS. For editors it's very intuitive and easy to use. In addition to many other useful features it can easily be customized, extended and integrated with other systems like online shops.