Complement your Solidus and Spree checkouts for customers with options to pay over time, with the free Klarna Integration. The public beta is already available on GitHub:

conversion rate.

No redirects and interruptions mean your customers never leaves your site – which results in a smoother shopping experience for them and an increased conversion rate for you.

average order value.

Pay over time and pay after delivery options with a quick and easy application process enabling your business to process more transactions and at higher order values.

No Risks –
Klarna assumes it all.

Klarna assumes all credit and fraud risk so that you don’t have to. Ensuring you receive payment for ordered goods.

In Klarna you can trust.


> 70,000

> 60 mio

Klarna has more than 70,000 Merchants and 60 million consumers. With real-time credit decisioning, the experience is smooth with no interruptions. As a result, we not only increase your customer’s purchasing power, but also improve loyalty, conversion and average order value. We attract major international clients such as Spotify, Disney, Samsung, Wish and ASOS. Our goal is to become the world’s favourite way to buy.

Pay now

Pay directly at the checkout. No credit card numbers, no passwords, no worries.

Pay Later

Try it first, pay it later. Klarna lets you receive your order first before deciding if you want to keep it or not.

Slice it

Slice up the payments on your purchase so that you don’t wait to buy what you need now.

Roadmap for the open source Klarna Payments integrations for Solidus and Spree

  •  December 2016 
    Going live in production at

    After an extensive alpha phase working side by side with the Casper team the Solidus integration for Klarna payments went into production in December '16 both in the United Kingdom and Germany. 

  •  April 2017 
    Public beta of the Klarna Payments integration for Solidus

    After lots of improvements and refactorings the Solidus integration for Klarna payments went into public beta. New features like goodwill refunds, promotion codes, better error handling and more Klarna countries were added.

  •  August 2017 
    Public beta of the Klarna Payments integration for Spree

    The public beta of the Spree integration enables merchants using Spree 2.4, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 to offer Klarna Payments in US, UK, DE, FI, NL, NO, SE and DK stores. 
    The integrations for Spree and Solidus both support the Klarna payment methods "Pay Later" and "Slice it" (Installments/Financing).

  •  Some date 
    Extract ActiveMerchant gateway into its own gem

    We want to extract as much code as possible into a standard ActiveMerchant-compatible interface to reduce code sharing and enable other integrations to use it (like solidus_gateway and spree_gateway).

Ready to get started?

Head over to the GitHub repositories for Solidus or Spree to get more information.
Get in touch with Klarna to receive credentials to try out the integration yourself. Also get in touch with us if you need our support to implement the integration into your store, we are happy to help and can easily integrate into your existing development team.