We are bitspire.

We advise and support our clients on their journey through the digital world.

Strategie & Konzept

Wir spinnen Ideen, machen diese erfahrbar und entwickeln daraus ein nachhaltiges Business.

UX/UI Design

Wir füllen Buzzwords wie UX, UI und Design-Patterns mit Inhalt.


Als Ruby- und Frontend-Spezialisten entwickeln wir CMS-basierte Content-Websites bis hin zu komplexen Web-Anwendungen.

Our team is as diverse as the challenges we face.

bitspire draws from an inclusive pool of strategic, creative, technological and service oriented knowledge. This gives us the confidence to approach multi-faceted challenges and build sustainable solutions for our clients.

We focus on people.

We meet the needs of people. In this regard, technology is our tool of choice.

We are honest in each and every response.

We ask the right questions, evaluate and criticize. Long story short: We think ahead!
We advise and support our clients with making decisions in their interest.

We work in constant flux.

Technologies and requirements change. We counter these challenges with an agile mindset and development process.

We share our knowledge.

We strongly believe in the benefits of open source work which is an essential part of our DNA. We are the pround founders and maintainers of Alchemy CMS – a content management system completely built in the open and wild. We are core team members of the eCommerce framework Solidus which allows us to create the best shopping experience for our clients.

With our partner Odin we created the spacetraveler and the RubyIssues– initiatives to attract Ruby developers to open source projects.

We came to stay. We are not a one-trick pony.

We cherish long term collaboration on an eye to eye level. Transparency and trust are the foundation for all internal and external work processes.

You want to be part of our team?
Get in touch! We're always looking for interesting talents and experts – both, as employees and freelancers – in web development, IT, design, brand strategy and project management.